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American Express Logo Review

The American Express logo represents all the features marketed by its brand. The man dressed in ancient armor is referred to as a gladiator in both the original trademark and also in the current American Express trademarks. The initial trademark of 1958 described the gladiator in the American Express logo as a gladiator on a shield whereas the current American Express website lists the logo character as a Gladiator Head Design. The lawsuit of 1989 between the Vibra Approved Laboratories and the American Express also simply termed this character within the logo as a gladiator head design. However, there are many who believe that the gladiator is a centurion who in the roman century was a commanding officer and a part of the general Roman legion.

This character is believed to hold, represent as well as symbolize the values of integrity, quality, security and satisfactory customer service. All of these qualities are necessary to be depicted particularly in such an industry. This historical aspect of the American Express logo gives a strong identity of trust and customer satisfactory traits. The American Express is an aspiring company in the hopes of becoming a generally trustable service. As logos represent a company’s entire portfolio within instants, the American express logo does deliver an impressive message of solidarity and trust. The official American Express logo is a simple logo and comprises of uncomplicated color combinations. The American Express logo is truly a corporate identity as it depicts formalness and delivers a strict business outlook.