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Bear Logo

Bears are one of the most recognizable animals in the world, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. It is no coincidence thus that many companies used them in their logos in order to become more recognizable.

Most bear logos that I have come across are in two colors, many in black and white. There seems to be good logic behind this because bear logos are much clearer from a distance when they are in two colors rather than many.

Among the most avid users of bear logo is sports teams, especially in the NFL. You can find high school and college sports logos bearing bear logo design, including the mascot in some case. Baseball and football teams are the leading users of the bear logo but it has also been used for a number of other sports and purposes.

The polar bear is especially popular among logo and graphics designers. You can find it in advertisements from non profits to purely commercial. Indeed it is a very clear reminder of nature and the environment. So take note guys, if you own a company that deals with climate and the environment on a day to day basis, bear logo design may just be the thing for you.

Animal logos have a lot of potential and indeed it is no accident that some of the best known logo designs have animals in them. Bear logos are particularly popular in this regard. My feeling is that with time as more and more companies vie for unique corporate identity and brands, the importance of animal logo design will increase, including of course bear logo.

Example of Bear Logo Designs:
Below is an example of Bear Logos that has been appreciated universally. We like the design because of its simplicity and artistic touch together with being so easily recognizable. This logo has also been appreciated by not just us but also Top 5 Logo Design Companies including Logo Design Guru & Company Logos among others. An Bear Logo like this one is a testament to the broader potential of using animals in logo design.