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Bird Logo

Bird symbols make memorable logo designs particularly a flying bird. In animal logos, intricacy of animal icons is not preferred. However, an abstract idea of a bird in flight is mainly preferred. Birds are popularly used in animal logo designs as they symbolize power, freedom, independence, peace and also pride and majesty. The choice of bird logo designs over other animal logos depends on how the designer wants the logo to be perceived.

The most common colors in bird logos can range from black, blue, white and red. However, other variations in colors can be observed in bird logos depending on the nature of the business. The fonts used in bird logo designs can range from standard bold typeface to curvy and less edger fonts. Again, the choice of fonts depends on the nature of business.

For instance, the use of eagles in bird logo designs represents the power and strength of the business. In comparison, the use of doves in bird logo designs represents peace and harmony. Likewise, a bird in flight represents growth and the breaking of traditional restrictions. Such a consumer image is ideal for companies and businesses targeting a younger audience.

The widespread use of bird logo designs is remarkable as these logos can fit the market image of any product from any industry. The designer may choose to concentrate on the bird’s wings and make them the central theme of the designs to represent freedom. Bird logo designs certainly make great branding images.

Example of Bird Logo Designs:

Below is an example of Bird Logos that has been appreciated universally. We like the design because of its simplicity and artistic touch together with being so easily recognizable. This logo has also been appreciated by not just us but also Top 5 Logo Design Companies including Logo Design Guru & Company Logos among others. An Bird Logo like this one is a testament to the broader potential of using animals in logo design.