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Mining Logo

Mining companies usually have logos that depict strength, agility and national origins in some cases. One noticeable trend among mining company logos is that many of them are text logos with some abandoning the symbol in full while others still hanging on to it but with lesser influence.

Logos are about reflecting on the company’s core goals, commitments, business ethics, products and ultimately what they want their customers and indeed the general public to thing of them. Mining companies would thus like their logo to come across as strong, reliable and reflective of their business. So for instance a mining log is completely different from a bank logo partly because of the fact that they have very different customer base and also very different goals they want to achieve and messages they want to send to customers through their logo design.

Mining companies are situated across the world and there are a number of industry giants that dominate and thus are the face of mining industry to the world. These include folks like BHP, Vale, Rio, Alcoa, Anglo American, Kazakh Metals and others based in China, Japan, India, UK, Western and Eastern Europe, and Russia. They all have logos that represent the particular products they are dominant in and rely mostly on text in innovative fonts for their logo.

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