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A Review of Oil Company Logo Samples

Oil company logo designs are reflective of their product, the oil. This may sound simple but it does nonetheless point to an important principle, that a company’s logo should be reflective of its principle products and services. Take the case of BP, Royal Dutch Shell, and Chevron. Petroleum producers use orange, red and blue colors most popularly. Most oil company logos are global brands with enormous power, influence, and prestige. At the same time oil company logos are some of the most hated global symbols of environmental pollution which are desecrated by environmentalists like Green Peace and other NGOs.

Since oil companies logos are global brands of significant size, they have logos designed to be as attractive to consumers in other parts of the world as their home country. As such their logos meet very high aesthetic sense usually.

Logos are meant to achieve success for big players but also small businesses in the oil industry. Small oil company logos also follow some of the same trends that big oil companies use. For instance they use dark colors, have serious image and some way or the other crystallize the theme of energy.

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