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Philanthropy Logo

Philanthropy refers to the monetary help that rich businessmen provide to the poor deserving people. There are various philanthropy societies that arrange donations from rich corporate personalities and help the unprivileged with the basic necessities including education. Most of the companies and organizations related to this field use a logo design that shows how philanthropy societies operate. For instance a philanthropy logo will promote a society that manages donations and funds.

The potential users of a philanthropy logo include the banking industry, finance industry and the technology industry. The poverty rate increasing rapidly on a global scale and philanthropy societies are working quite hard to reduce it.  The high class business sector donates a lot to help these societies. The color combinations for these logos include loud themes and bright colors like green and pink.

This is a sample philanthropy logo and it represents a society called GLOBAL. This society collects and manages donations and funds from the poor. The main colors used in this logo are blue and mediumblue.