Company Logos

Badminton Logo

As a sport, the logo designs of the company logos are very dry and dull.

Badminton is one of the most liked sports even among common people. It is very simple to play. Two players are required at minimum to play this game. Both players hit a shuttle cock with racquets from one part of the playing court to the other. The playing court is divided into two equal parts and each player remains in his court section. Speed matters a lot in this game and the players have to react spontaneously as well. Badminton logos mostly show a pair of racquets placed in a cross version. Some times, the name of the company is also written in the cross manner to portray coordination.

The above badminton logo is for a club. We can see that the designers have used the image of a shuttle cock. This is a sports component that in one way is exclusive for this sport. Hence as a marketing and designing strategy, this is a good option.