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Dove Logo Review By Company Logos

Dove logo designs are those logo designs that feature doves as the central symbol. Doves are commonly used in logo designs as they are the representative birds for peace. In general, doves and pigeons are often considered as the same and both terms are at times used interchangeably. Even when designing dove logos, designers often fail to differentiate between the two. However, symbols such as leaves or a heart shaped background symbol. Doves are characteristically smaller than pigeons. Young pigeons and doves are termed as squabs. It is significant to note that dove logos represent specifically peace while pigeons are messenger carriers and hence, represent connectivity.

Dove logos are designed with stout body, slender bills with short necks and also a fleshy upper beak. However, as while designing animal logos, an avoidance of detailing of the animals is strictly avoided as a rule, the details differentiating a pigeon from a dove in a logo design are not given importance. The distinction is also illustrated through the use of colors. For instance, dove logo designs typically feature white, black, blue and also red in certain combinations. In contrast, pigeon logos make use of darker colors.

The fonts used in dove logo designs mainly include stylish and italicized or curvier typeface which depict serenity, peace and calm. Due to such a strong message, dove logo designs are also great logos for spas. However, in general cases, doves are used as peace logos. Company Logos welcomes all suggestions and comments.

Below is an example of Dove Logos that has been appreciated universally. We like the design because of its simplicity and artistic touch together with being so easily recognizable. This logo has also been appreciated by not just us but also Top 5 Logo Design Companies including Logo Design Guru & Company Logos among others. An Dove Logo like this one is a testament to the broader potential of using animals in logo design.