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Did you ever think that you would be able to set your own price to a logo design which you had always wanted to identify with that new establishment of yours? Well if you had not, then you may now because Logo Design Guru gives you the choice to do so!

Why Use Logo Design Guru?

Logo Design Guru is a marketplace where buyers looking for that new attractive logo for the representation of their brand can get in touch with the different designers from all over the world. Contest holders or users get a chance of connecting with talented designers by hosting design contests and attaching a large prize money to it.

Logo Design Guru excels at creating one-of-a-kind unique logos. However, if you looking for holding contests for different and creative designs of websites, stationery, business cards, banner advertisements, invitation designs, etc then you are than more than welcome to get registered on this site.

The site of Logo Design Guru seems to have a massive team of talented graphic designers. There are more than over 33,000 designers and the number is still on the rise. Furthermore, an ordinary design contest on this site, more or less, gets more than 45 entries.

If you are interested in getting an idea about the kind of work done by Logo Design Guru, then you have all the rights of visiting the portfolio on their website which has a record of all the work it has done in the past.

How It Works?

The procedure of holding logo contests on the website of Logo Design is pretty easy and simple. Contest holders get started with their project by first selecting a package which suits their budget and then entitling it to prize money. The least amount you can offer for the prize is $199 from which the site deducts $19 as their listing fee and another 7.5% as processing fee. One sincere word of advice for every contest holder is to set the prize money as high as possible because the higher the prize money, the more the designers working on your project.

The duration of a standard project is about seven to ten days. However, if you want to rush the whole process, then you can pay a little more to get done with the entire competition in a short period of time.

Once the prize money has been decided upon, the user then is required to fill in the design brief which is eventually handed over to the designers and tells them about the kind of work expected from them.

Once the design concepts start pouring in, the contest holders can provide feedback so that the designers can alter their work and improve it. After the final revisions and the selection of the winner, you can get access to all the files containing your artwork and also the trademark agreement.

Money Back Guarantee

So none of the logo design concepts are pleasing to your senses? Nothing to worry about! When you are getting your work done from Logo Design Guru, all you  are required to pay is the little project fee and that is really it! If you do not like the entries you receive then nothing can stop you from walking away. However, you would not be eligible for this money back scheme if the project was guaranteed.

On Site Testimonials

  1. A blog at says that Logo Design Guru has secured the 1st place, in the survey conducted by world wide online website, because of the incredible services they offer and that too at a comparatively low cost.

  3. At, there is an article which reviews and ranks the best logo design companies. According to their rankings, Logo Design Guru has secured the 3rd position because of the quality of work it produces and the fast design process.

  5. As per the analysis of, Logo Design Guru is at the 4th place. Their review shows that they are pretty impressed with the website and the quality designs that Logo Design Guru creates.

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