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Spider Logo Review by Company Logos

Spider logos designs are popular branding logos used in a range of industries. However, mostly spider logos are commonly used in communication and IT industry. Spiders symbolize general complexities and are usually linked with treachery and death and are even considered as tricksters. It is important to note that in the IT industry, spiders are not used for these symbolic traits but rather for their web homes. The interwoven spider webs represent the interconnected nature of World Wide Web. Spider logos have also gained much prominence due to comic book hero Spiderman.

As all animal logos are designed with little detail, the feelers, poison fangs and the dorsal silk spinning organs of the spider are omitted from the logo design. Almost all spider logos are simple logos with a rounded body and eight legs. However, the animated versions of spiders can be designed to depict any emotion, theme or idea.

The color scheme used in spider logo is manly black, white, red and blue. In spider logos, the company name is always highlighted and bolded while the slogan is incorporated in fine readable print. Spider logos are not used as institutional logos and are also not used as company or team mascots. In contrast, spider logos are mainly used as company logos for online businesses.

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Below is an example of Spider Logos that has been appreciated universally. We like the design because of its simplicity and artistic touch together with being so easily recognizable. This logo has also been appreciated by not just us but also Top 5 Logo Design Companies including Logo Design Guru & Company Logos among others. An Spider Logo like this one is a testament to the broader potential of using animals in logo design.