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Swan Logo Review by Company Logos

Swan logos are based on animatedly designed version of swans which are one of the most popular aquatic birds. Swans are both beautiful and strong in nature. Even though, they are heavy bodied birds, swans are nonetheless very graceful animals. Swan logos are typically designed with long necks and white plumage. In swan logo designs, the logo text is mainly curved and semi bold and can be in any color depending on the nature of the business or product. If the background of swan logos is of darker shades then, the text is always of lighter and prominent shades such as white.

Swan logos are also commonly used bird logos as they represent spiritual nature and utmost grace. The color scheme of swan logos is mostly white, black and lighter shades of green, blue yellow and even pink depending upon the theme of the logo or the nature of the company. In swan logo designs, shades of blue are included to represent water.

It should be remembered that unlike other birds such as hawks or eagles, swans do not symbolize aggression, strength or power. Instead, swans represent peace, calm and grace. Therefore, swan logos are more popular spa and resort logos instead of sports team logos. You should consult professional marketers or logo designers regarding the most suitable animal logo.

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Below is an example of Swan Logos that has been appreciated universally. We like the design because of its simplicity and artistic touch together with being so easily recognizable. This logo has also been appreciated by not just us but also Top 5 Logo Design Companies including Logo Design Guru & Company Logos among others. An Swan Logo like this one is a testament to the broader potential of using animals in logo design.