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The Best Color Combination In Corporate Logos Review

Now, a point is that there are no prescribed sets of colors. A number of colors are used commonly in logo designing. However this does not mean that these colors are mandatory. Some of these colors are white and black. Initially white was termed as the color for the page background and black for the text. However with the passage of time, this thinking has changed and these colors are being used for other purposes. For instance we can see that white is used as a text color. It can also be used as a rollover color for company logos. Black is a mandatory color option in almost all of the corporate images. It shows elegance and business style. Apart from text, black is also being used as the main line color in high standard company logos. For instance the logo of Harley Davidson can be termed as an example. The famous bike company used only black and white colors in its first logo design. The logo was a complete success and the sales volumes of the company reached sky high. One must remember the fact that Harley did not use any graphic images in the logo design. Thus the most important thing is to apply colors after understanding the concept of the logo. Just designing a superb logo that is unrelated causes the company a disadvantage. Apart from black and white, blue and green are the common colors used in professional logo designing.